Triathler Multilabel Tester

For LSC, gamma, and luminometry

Triathler is a portable single-sample liquid scintillation counter, which provides fast and accurate results for several life science and environmental applications. It can count all radioisotopes including tritium in a variety of sample formats. Due to its very small size and light weight, Triathler can be taken into the field to measure samples on the spot. Although compact, Triathler has many advanced features such as advanced spectrum analysis using a multichannel analyzer (MCA), Instant DPM results, single-photon luminescence counting, and optional alpha beta separation.

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Triathler Multilabel Tester

For LSC, gamma, and luminometry

The all-in-one instrument

  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Easy-to-use
  • Small size and weight make Triathler ideal for personal use on a benchtop or for on-the-spot field/sea measurements.
  • A keypad allows single key operation for immediate results using preset protocols for any isotope.

All-in-one Liquid Scintillation Counter, Gamma Counter and Luminometer

Triathler has been thoroughly tested and proven under extreme conditions. More than 1500 units have been delivered and they are used in all kinds of laboratories and in some of the planet's most demanding environments — in the desert and jungle, as well as on ocean-going vessels and oil platforms. Ideal for:

  • Homeland Security

  • Radiation Safety

  • Wipe Tests

  • Life Sciences

  • Molecular Biology

  • Ecology

  • Environmental Testing

Triathler is suitable for just about any beta radiation, gamma radiation or luminescence application and accepts most types of vials and sample formats.

A multitude of possibilities

Get instant results whenever and wherever with this compact and portable counting system.

Triathler in monitoring

  • Wipe Tests - Triathler provides fastand reliable results for regulatory wipe tests in lab areas.

  • Water Measurements - Triathler has optional alpha-beta separation capabilities which makes it ideal to detect alpha-beta isotopes like Radon (222Rn) in water.

  • Soil Measurements - With proper extraction techniques, Triathler can be used to measure soil samples for contamination with just about any radioisotope

Triathler in life sciences

  • Molecular Biology - Triathler is well suited for metabolic studies, genetic studies, cell proliferation assays, receptor-ligand assays, and other applications in biosciences. For example, using the optional plastic scintillator adapter, 32P can be measured non-destructively (without cocktail).

  • Marine Biology - Triathler is commonly used to measure growth of phytoplankton in seawater and lakes by measuring uptake of 14C.

  • Research - Triathler is ideal as an easy-to-use diagnostic tool in research for detection of beta and gamma isotopes, such as 3H, 14C and 125I.

  • Luminescence - Triathler can be used as a high sensitivity luminometer for both glow and flash type assays, such as ATP monitoring, luciferase, and bacterial measurements. An optional reagent detector is available for more demanding applications, such as kinetic measurements.

Advanced technologies

Triathler has advanced features such as a built-in multichannel analyzer and optional alpha-beta separation electronics. With the unique 2-dimensional plot, optimizing alpha beta separation is easy and straightforward. It provides visual proof of the separation and yields superior minimum detectable activities for alpha emitters.


Hidex Control Software is used from Windows (10/11) environment to control the Triathler and acquire and archive measurement data. Measurement data as well as raw spectrum can be exported into excel or txt formats.

Technical Specifications

Sample types LSC vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes
Detector Single-Photon Counting PMT
Display 2 x 16 character alpha-numeric LCD
Energy Range 2 keV – 2000 keV
Counting Time 0.1 seconds – 99999 minutes
Output RS-232C to PC or thermal printer
Power 110-240V AC, 12V DC
Dimensions 33 L x 25 W x 19 H cm
Weight  9 kg

Liquid Scintillation Counting

Sample size LSC Vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes
Max. Count Rate 2,000,000 CPM
Beta Efficiency up to 48% for 3H
Direct 32P Efficiency up to 75% in Plastic Scintillator Adapter Tube

Gamma Counting

Detector 32 x 32 mm NaI (Tl) crystal (through-hole)
Sample size  Tubes or Vials (up to 13 mm diameter)
Background Shield 10 mm lead

Luminescence Counting

Sample size LSC Vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes
Max. Count Rate 30,000,000 CPS
Luminescence sensitivity < 10 amol ATP/vial

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