Hidex LSC cocktails

Scintillation cocktails for vial based counters

Cocktails for vial counters

Hidex provides high performance scintillation cocktails tested to give optimum performance with Hidex scintillation counters Hidex 300SL, Hidex 600SL and Hidex Triathler for water-soluble, lipophilic, filter counting, alpha beta separation, general beta counting and low level applications. NPE-free ProSafe cocktails and high efficiency Gold Star cocktails also available and suitable for use with vial based counters.

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Optimized performance with top of the line cocktails

  • (461-004) AquaLight+ for general purpose counting

  • (461-007) AquaLight+ Ultra Low Level for ultra low level tritium counting

  • (461-021) AquaLight AB for optimal a/b separation

  • (461-035) AquaLight Beta for general purpose counting and alkaline media

  • (461-016) AquaLight+ NPE Free for water samples

  • (461-003) MaxiLight+ for organic samples, fuels and Radon extractive method

  • (PS+) ProSafe+ for routine general counting

  • (PSLT+) ProSafe LT+ for Low level Tritium counting

  • (PSBio+) ProSafe Bio+ for biological samples

  • (PSHC+) ProSafe HC+ for both dilute and higher concentration samples with higher capacity for sample uptake

  • (PSFC+) ProSafe FC+ for counting wet or dry filters

  • (PSTS+) ProSafe TS+ for use with organic and aqueous based solubilisers – please see tissue solubilisers AquiGest and GoldiSol

  • (PSO+) ProSafe O+ is the NPE free Scintillation cocktail for organic samples

  • (PSRn/AB) ProSafe Rn/AB is the NPE-free cocktail suitable for extractive (two-phase) counting of radon in water samples

  • (PSGel+) ProScint Gel+ is a NPE-free multipurpose gel forming LSC cocktail for aqueous and non-aqueous samples

  • (GS1) Gold Star for general purpose counting and alkaline media

  • (GSQ1) Gold Star Quanta for high capacity and high efficiency

  • (GF1) Gold Flow for flow counting with high capacity

  • (GSLT2) Gold Star LT2 for low level tritium counting


  • Safe

  • High flash point

  • NPE-free

  • Biodegradable

  • Drain Disposable in certain applications

Ordering Info

Code Name Quantity


AquaLight+ 1 L

5 L

461-007 AquaLight+ ULL 5 L




AquaLight AB 1 L

5 L

461-035 AquaLight Beta 5 L
461-016 AquaLight+ NPE Free 5 L


MaxiLight+ 1 L

5 L



2 × 5 L
PSLT+ ProSafe LT+ 2 × 5 L
PSBio+ ProSafe Bio+ 2 × 5 L
PSHC+ ProSafe HC+ 2 × 5 L
PSFC+ ProSafe FC+ 2 × 5 L
PSTS+ ProSafe TS+ 2 × 5 L
PSO+ ProSafe O+ 2 × 5 L
PSRn/AB ProSafe Rn/AB 2 × 5 L
PSGel+ ProScint Gel+ 2 × 5 L
GS1 Gold Star 2 × 5 L
GSQ1 Gold Star Quanta 2 × 5 L
GF1 Gold Flow 2 × 5 L
GSLT2 Gold Star LT2 2 × 5 L
461-071 Oxidizer 600 OX Radiocarbon 1 L
461-073 Oxidizer 600 OX Tritium 1 L

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