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Internal Standards

For routine use in quench correction, or for verification and validation needs, Hidex provides internal standard solutions for a variety of radionuclides.

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Product description

Quench correction is done in numerous ways. Hidex TDCR counters offer the standard-free quench correction utilising the TDCR technology. Despite this, the same counters can use all conventional techniques, such as using external standard, quench curves or internal standards. To facilitate the conventional methods, we offer quenched standard sets for H-3 and C-14 in both toluene-based scintillators as well as DIN-based scintillators. On the internal LSC standards, we offer the most common beta and alpha standard solutions in aqueous as well as organic solvents, including H-3, C-14 ,Y-90/Sr-90, Ra-226, 210Pb+Bi+Po and Am-241. We also offer low tritium background (dead water). We work in collaboration with Eckert & Ziegler and Eurostandard to offer high quality products traceable to the national standards NIST and CMI.

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