Career at Hidex

Hidex is constantly on the lookout for talented professionals to join our innovative team. We comprise a highly educated, diverse, multi-skilled, and multicultural work community. Our team of almost 40 includes highly trained professionals with varying backgrounds, such as engineers, chemists, physicists, and many others. At Hidex, we believe in creating an open, honest, and enjoyable working environment. Our work culture is founded on appreciation, mutual respect, and providing room for growth and diversity. With us, you have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who support you and make work enjoyable.

What we offer

  • Flexible workplace & working hours
  • Generous employee benefits
  • Health and wellbeing

Join the Hidex Team

Hidex is a family-owned high technology company based in Turku, Finland, and Mainz, Germany. We specialise in high-technology analysis tools for life science research, radiation measurement, and nuclear medicine and have over 3 decades of industry expertise. Our product range includes liquid scintillation counters, gamma counters, microplate readers, solutions for PET radiochemistry, sample preparation and LSC cocktails. With an active distribution in more than 30 countries, approximately 5000 Hidex instruments are in service worldwide.

Open application

Currently, there are no open positions available at Hidex. Feel free to submit an open application by contacting us via email. We always welcome open applications and appreciate your interest.