Triathler Gamma Counter

For small volume gamma counting

Triathler Gamma Counter is a light-weight single-sample counter, suitable for mobile laboratory or as a personal instrument. It can be used for small volume gamma counting device for all gamma radionuclides up to 1000 keV. For large-volume counting we recommend to refer to Triathler Becquerel Finder, whereas for high energy gamma counting, Triathler NaI System is recommended.

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Triathler Gamma Counter

For small volume gamma counting

Gamma counting with triathler gamma counter

  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Easy-to-use
  • Small size and weight make Triathler ideal for personal use on a benchtop or for on-the-spot field/sea measurements.
  • A keypad allows single key operation for immediate results using preset protocols for any isotope.

Ideal for small capacity nuclear medicine labs and mobile laboratories

Triathler gamma counter is a portable gamma counter that is ideal for small capacity nuclear medicine labs with only low sample throughput. Simple keypad operation for most common isotopes and convenient sample loading provides no hassle operation and fast results.

Triathler has been thoroughly tested and proven under extreme conditions. More than 1500 units have been delivered and they are used in all kinds of laboratories and in some of the planet's most demanding environments — in the desert and jungle, as well as on ocean-going vessels and oil platforms.

Ideal for:

  • Homeland Security

  • Radiation Safety

  • Wipe Tests

  • Life Sciences

  • Molecular Biology

  • Ecology

Technical Specifications

Sample size Tubes or Vials (up to 13 mm diameter)
Detector 32 x 32 mm NaI (Tl) crystal (through-hole) with PMT and MCA
Display 2 x 16 character alpha-numeric LCD
Energy Range 15 keV – 1000 keV
Counting Time 0.1 seconds – 99999 minutes
Output RS-232C to PC or thermal printer
Power 110-240V AC, 12V DC
Dimensions 33 L x 25 W x 19 H cm
Weight  9 kg

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