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Vials for LS counters

Hidex supplies a comprehensive range of vials and containers for liquid scintillation counting, small-volume and large-volume gamma counting. In liquid scintillation counting, the correct use of a container ensures that the prepared sample can be detected properly.

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Product description

Vials we offer:

  • Plastic vials are available in 5(6), 7(8), and 20 mL volumes, made of high-density polyethylene. They transmit photons well, maintaining high counting efficiency while offering affordability and ultra-low background. Most of our plastic vials are finished with anti-static properties, making them the preferred choice for low-level tritium analysis and a good option for general beta or alpha counting.

  • Glass vials, also available in 5(6), 7(8), and 20 mL volumes, provide visibility to the sample, enabling users to ensure good mixing with the scintillant. All our glass vials are made of the lowest potassium-grade glass to ensure minimal background count rates. Glass offers unparalleled resistance to diffusion and is inert with all scintillators and sample matrices. Glass vials are the first choice for radon counting, volatile sample matrices, and a good option for general beta or alpha counting.

  • Teflon-coated plastic vials, available in 20 mL volume, are the preferred choice for simultaneous alpha and beta counting applications due to their excellent alpha/beta separation and inertness to the scintillator.

In gamma counting, we offer:

  • Small tubes for the high-throughput Hidex AMG automatic gamma counter.

  • 450(500) mL and 1000 mL Marinelli containers for large-volume assays with the Hidex Triathler Becquerel Finder. They are the first choice for environmental applications such as Cesium-137 in water or foodstuffs.

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