Hidex 600 SLe Super Low Level

For challenging low level applications

The Hidex 600 SLe Super Low Level counter is dedicated to the measurement of challenging low radioactivity levels. The counters are equipped with additional lead shielding, low level PMT detectors, and active guard detectors for further background reduction. The device is ideal for measurement of 3H in water as well as other low-level environmental monitoring, radiocarbon dating and biofuel verification applications.

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Hidex 600 SLe Super Low Level

For challenging low level applications

For challenging low level applications

The Hidex 600 SLe super low level model 425-009 includes the same features as the standard model but has lower background making is suitable for low level applications such as detection of H-3 and gross a/b activity in drinking water. Lower background is utilized by using additional Pb shielding, low background PMTs and an active guard.

Active Guard

The Active Guard is a separate scintillator detector which detects and subtracts real-time background radiation. The guard can be turned off for high energy samples and does not interfere with alpha/beta separation.

Digital Pb shield

Digital Pb shield is a proprietary Hidex spectral fitting algorithm that decreases the background and improves the uncertainty of the results by utilizing spectrum information for active sample tritium counts and background counts.

User friendly software

The Hidex 600 SLe super low level is operated using an external PC with Windows 10 or higher based MikroWin 600 SL software, featuring an easy-to-use graphical interface and extensive data reduction capabilities, including quench curve analysis and half-life correction. The software is designed for multiuser environment, enabling unlimited number of methods for different isotopes and easy data export to Excel or other programs. Users can add samples with new methods, and high priority samples while the instrument is counting. MikroWin is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


Low level environmental measurements:

  • H-3 & C-14 in natural waters

  • ground water dating (H-3)

  • Sr-90/Y-90 (TDCR - Cerenkov quench correction method can be applied)

  • gross alpha/beta

  • biobased C-14

  • low level alphas

  • Fe-55, Ni-63

  • H-3 & Sr-90 radiobioassays

Technical Specification

Sample capacity, 20/7/5mL 200/500/500
Counting efficiency H-3/C-14 (%) 70/96
Background H-3 in water (CPM) 3
Dimensions, W/H/D (cm) 125/69/64
Weight (kg) 255


  • 425-019 External standard with Eu-152 source

  • 525-003 Alpha/Beta separation

  • 425-2004 Temperature control

  • 525-604 Sample QR code reader

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