Hidex 300 SL

The revolutionary Hidex 300 SL

The Hidex 300SL is a revolutionary instrument with compact size, incorporating the most advanced triple-PMT detector technology facilitating: exceptionally high counting efficiency, luminescence free counting mode, and absolute activity counting without external radioactive source using triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) method.

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Hidex 300 SL

The revolutionary Hidex 300 SL

The most advanced, compact and user friendly LSC on the market

  • Advanced triple-PMT detector technology
  • Modern and compact design
  • Absolute activity counting using triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) method
  • Easy installation and ideal for space conscious laboratories

The most advanced, compact and user friendly LSC on the market

Compact and transportable

The Hidex 300 SL has a modern and compact design measuring half the size and weight of some of its long standing rivals. It is therefore much easier to install and fit it into smaller, more space conscious laboratories, such as transporting in research vessels or mobile labs.

Technical innovations

Absolute activity counting with TDCR technology

The detector with 3 PMTs enable triple-to-double coincidence ratio counting TDCR, which is an absolute counting method for obtaining counting efficiency of the samples without external or internal standard sources. Unlike external standard methods, TDCR is a universal method applicable for both chemical and color quenching, for aqueous and organic samples and for different cocktails and range of isotopes. TDCR method can be used for counting of typical beta isotopes and also for absolute activity determination of Cherenkov radiation e.g. from 90Y/90Sr. Quench correction by conventional External Standard method is available as optional feature (462-019) for laboratories that prefer to continue measurements with the conventional method.

Luminescence free counting

Hidex 300 SL can be used in triple coincidence mode only, which removes interference from chemiluminescence and reduces the effect of other low energy noise events. Samples with long luminescence decay such as 14C in NaOH can be counted immediately without the need to dark adapt.

Exceptionally high counting efficiency

The Hidex 300 SL utilizes three PMTs aligned at 120° from each other. Optimum detection geometry yields in better detection geometry than conventional double coincidence detector. And the more there is quenching, the greater the advantage of triple coincidence detector

Example: Efficiency for H-3 (in 20 ml vials)

Hidex 300SL Double Coincidence Counters
Unquenched: > 70 % 65 %
H-3 in water: > 35 % 25 %
H-3 in water, high quench: 10% 5 %

Alpha/beta separation

Most advanced alpha beta separation is available as an option on the Hidex 300 SL. It facilitates extremely sensitive detection of alpha isotopes in presence of high beta radiation. Calibration and results validation can be done using convenient and reliable 2D/3D spectrum analysis tool without laborious and isotope specific misclassification run. Separation works even for unknown mixture of alpha and beta isotopes. This reduces the possibility on measurement errors typical for conventional misclassification methods, where calibration is done in often in different conditions and isotopes than found in unknown samples. Typical applications include detection of Rn-222, Ra-226/228, Am-241 and gross alpha/beta.

User friendly software

The Hidex 300 SL is operated using an external PC with Windows 10 or higher based MikroWin 300 SL software, featuring an easy-to-use graphical interface and extensive data reduction capabilities, including quench curve analysis and half-life correction. The software is designed for multiuser environment, enabling unlimited number of methods for different isotopes and easy data export to Excel or other programs. Users can add samples with new methods, and high priority samples while the instrument is counting. MikroWin is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Technical Specification

Sample capacity, 20mL/7mL 40/96
Counting efficiency H-3/C-14 (%) 70/96
Background H-3 in water (CPM) 12
Dimensions, W/H/D (cm) 52/68/63
Weight (kg) 125

Optional features

  • 525-003 alpha/beta separation

  • 462-019 External Eu-152 std source

  • 425-2003 Cooling

  • 425-016 Low Level Option

  • Regulatory Radiation Surveillance with Hidex LSC

    The National Radiation Protection Institute (NRPI), Prague continues to trust Hidex’s radiation detection equipment for needs of the Czech regulatory body (SÚJB) and for research studies.

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