Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level

For low level applications

The Hidex 300SL is a revolutionary instrument with compact size, incorporating the most advanced triple-PMT detector technology facilitating: exceptionally high counting efficiency, luminescence free counting mode, and absolute activity counting without external radioactive source using triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) method.

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Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level

For low level applications

For low level applications

  • Ideal for low radioactivity applications
  • Equipped with additional lead shielding and active guard
  • Optimal for H-3 in water, low-level environmental monitoring, radiocarbon dating & biofuel testing
  • Digital Pb shield with proprietary Hidex spectral fitting algorithm

Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level

The Hidex 300 SL super low-level scintillation counter is equipped with additional lead shielding, low level PMT detectors and an active guard detector for further background reduction. The instrument is ideal for H-3 in water measurements as well as other low-level environmental monitoring, radiocarbon dating and biofuel verification applications.

The advanced Active Guard is a separate scintillator detector which detects and subtracts real-time background radiation. The guard can be turned off for high energy samples and does not interfere with alpha/beta separation.

Digital Pb shield is a proprietary Hidex spectral fitting algorithm that improves counting performance by utilizing spectrum information for active sample tritium counts and background counts.

Active Guard for low level environmental measurements:

  • H-3 & C-14 in natural waters

  • ground water dating (H-3)

  • Y-90/Sr-90

  • gross alpha/beta

  • biobased C-14

  • low level alphas

  • Fe-55, Ni-66

  • H-3 & Sr-90 radiobioassays

Technical Specification

Sample capacity, 20mL/7mL 40/96
Counting efficiency H-3/C-14 (%) 70/96
Background H-3 in water (CPM) 3
Dimensions, W/H/D (cm) 52/68/63
Weight (kg) 180

Optional features

  • 525-003 alpha/beta separation

  • 462-019 External Eu-152 std source

  • 425-2003 Cooling

Performance Specifications

All the measurements are performed at temperature of 22°C ± 2°C and at normal humidity conditions of Hidex laboratory, Turku, Finland (relative humidity not measured). Background may vary locally depending on natural environmental radiation.

Counting efficiency

  • Counting efficiency typical > 70 % for H-3 and typical > 96 % for 14C with unquenched samples.

  • > 35 % for H-3 quenched (8 mL water sample + 12 mL AquaLight cocktail)

  • α’s (Po-210, U-234/238, Am-241, Rn-222, Ra-226) > 95 %

Typical background

  • 3 CPM with 8 mL water + 12 mL AquaLight Low Level cocktail. *Background value measured using window with 25 % counting efficiency.

  • < 0.3 CPM for alphas (with a/b separation option)

FOM (E2/B)

H-3 in water 8 + 12 ml, optimized window > 220
H-3 in water 8 + 12 ml, with Digital Pb shield > 300
H-3 unquenched Low Level standards, optimized window > 350
C-14 unquenched Low Level standards, optimized window > 1150
C-14 Benzene 3.5 ml in a mini glass vial > 2000
  • Regulatory Radiation Surveillance with Hidex LSC

    The National Radiation Protection Institute (NRPI), Prague continues to trust Hidex’s radiation detection equipment for needs of the Czech regulatory body (SÚJB) and for research studies.

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