Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter

AMG dedicated to nuclear medicine and PET

Hidex automated gamma counter with modern approach and convenience for nuclear medicine and PET applications. With our onboard balance, samples can automatically be weighed and results reported as activity per mass. This saves the operator valuable time and provides additional safety of correct results.

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Automatic gamma counter for nuclear medicine and PET

  • Precise onboard balance for preclinical biodistribution studies
  • Easy quality control with Ge68 breakthrough measurement
  • Ready to use wipe test assay for monitoring contamination
  • Improved sample traceability with vial ID reader
  • Simple sample metadata addition for routine work
  • Secure workflow with 21 CFR part 11 compliancy

Automatic gamma counter for nuclear medicine and preclinical research

With our touchscreen operated software and application focused design we guarantee effortless work flow with results simply at your fingertip. The software provides full energy spectrum storage and data exporting into user definable location. It is always ready to be used with minimal manual setup.

Sophistication for radiation protection

The 3 inch NaI crystal provides superb counting efficiency. Optimized lead shielding ensures low background and minimal interference from high active samples waiting to be counted. Hidex automatic gamma counter is also equipped with a powerful multichannel analyzer for detailed spectrum analysis with the possibility of measuring up to 4 MeV.

Optional features:

  • Sample Balance

  • 2D vial ID reader

  • 21 CFR part 11 security support software

  • Extended MCA for high energy isotopes

Technical Specification

Sample capacity Ø13mm max 230 pcs. and Ø 28 mm max 72 pcs
Detector type 3 inch well type NaI detector
Counting efficiency (isotope peak window) Cs-137 18%, I-129 58%
Energy range 15-2000 keV
Lead shield thickness 55 mm with up to 80 mm on conveyor side
Dimensions, W/D/H (cm) 62/70/60 with balance 62/83/60
Weight 198 kg (w/o balance)
205 kg (with balance)
Power requirement 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Balance Sartorius analytical grade balance
  • Advancing Clinical Science: Aarhus University Hospital's Research with Hidex AMG

    Hidex prides itself on maintaining long-term customer relationships, and our collaboration with Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET at Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) goes back to 2019 when they sought to replace their existing gamma counters.

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