2.3.3 - Soil and sediment sample oxidation

Environmental fate studies are used for assessment of distribution and degradation of a new chemical compound in the environment. Commonly, the chemical compounds are labelled with the 14C to be able to trace the movement in the soil, sediment, and water. Soil and sediment samples consists of more than half of inorganic non-combustible material and, therefore, higher sample amount compared to other sample types is commonly required for the combustion to achieve adequate 14C amount for the LSC measurement. Because of high sample load a prolonged combustion time can be used for complete carbon oxidation.


  1. Soil or sediment sample addition into the ceramic boat. Typically, 0.5-1.5 g of soil or sediment.

  2. Weight measurement of the sample

  3. The ceramic sample boats and empty LSC vials are placed into 600 OX Oxidizer

  4. Combustion time of 3-5 minutes is selected

  5. Start the automated combustion

  6. After combustion, cap the LSC vials and measure the 14C activity with a LSC instrument

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