2.5 - Natural Radionuclides

Rapid analysis for Rn, Ra and other natural radionuclides is requested at least since the novellation of the radiation protection ordinance (ICRP 65 from 1990) and the new drinking water regulations, world-wide. This concerns especially the quantification of Radon in air and the determination of Radium and other natural radionuclides in water.

Our investigations aimed at developing simple and fast analytical separation and enrichment procedures for natural radionuclides in water samples.

As sampling and sample conservation during transport to the laboratory represent a major source of error, in-situ measuring techniques by mobile LS instrumentation were preferred. α/β-pulse shape discrimination plays an important role to avoid interferences and to improve the detection limits.

In this chapter, both the standard LS and those newly developed by us, are described in detail.

To assure the quality of the procedures, we have successfully participated in several international intercomparison runs and interlaboratory campaigns, organized by IAEA through their ALMERA association, see [Moebius and Moebius 2008]. As a foundation member of the ALMERA group of qualified laboratories (Analytical Laboratories for Measuring Environmental RadioActivity), we also support the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA in this context.


Möbius S. and Möbius T. L. 2008: LSC-Handbuch, DGFS e.V. und Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Karlsruhe 2008

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