Hidex Q-ARE 50

Extraction chromatography of 4 samples

The Hidex Q-ARE is an automated radionuclide extraction chromatography (EXC) system dedicated to radionuclide separation from environmental, food and decommissioning samples. The system performs the EXC steps such as column conditioning, sample loading, washing and elution steps without manual work or user supervision. The instrument is built with acid proof valves, connectors and tubing and it is compatible with various sizes of pre-packed and self-packed columns.

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Hidex Q-ARE 50

Extraction chromatography of 4 samples

Free up your time by automating your sample preparation

  • Quick and easy-to-use unattended radionuclide extraction
  • Automated column conditioning, sample loading, washing and elution steps
  • Up to 4 samples simultaneous processing
  • Automated tandem chromatography with individual elution lines

The Quick and Automated Radionuclide Extraction System Q-ARE

Extraction chromatograpy (EXC) is time-consuming laboratory technique requiring typically several hours manual human labour. The Hidex Q-ARE automates EXC with a walkaway freedom. Single and tandem chromatography separation is done automatically by selecting the EXC-mode from the software. In routine operation 2-3 elution fractions can be collected from one column and in special cases up to 5 elution fractions can be collected from one sample.


  • Automatic extraction chromatography for 4 samples simultaneous processing

  • Manual operation or control is not required during the EXC process

  • Extraction chromatography flow rate is selected and automatically controlled following user’s need.

  • Avoiding natural human error with fully automatedr sample preparation

Designed specifically for extraction chromatography

  • Acid proof valves, pumps, tubing, and connectors to be used with strong acids.

  • Up to 12 different 1L reagent bottles for multi-step tandem EXC protocol

  • User friendly intuitive software

  • Safety oriented compact design with acrylic doors keeps the user safe

  • With this compact device, your desk will have much more space

Technical Specification

Pumps (No.) 4
Sample capacity (columns) 4 (2 in tandem)
Elution fractions collection (No.) 10
Reagent bottles 12
Compatible column size (ml) 1-20
Sample bottle size (ml) 50, 10*
Elution bottle size (ml) 50, 20, 10*
Pumping volume accuracy (%) >95%
Flow rate, typically (ml/min) 0.5-15
Valves Body PEEK, Diaphragm PTFE
Tube/Fitting material PTFE/PEEK/ETFE
Media temperature (C°) 50 (short time 90)
Power 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 78x56x65
Weight (kg) 55

*Optional bottle cap for 10 ml bottles and 20 ml LSC bottle

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