Hidex Radiowater Generator PET/CT

Hidex Radiowater Generator for PET/CT

Hidex Radiowater Generator is an automated production system for Oxygen-15 labelled water in PET blood flow studies. Oxygen-15 labelled water has been used as a tracer since the early days of Positron Emission Tomography. With the convenience and easy operation of Hidex Radiowater Generator, you can reach the full potential of blood flow studies with a system that is designed for increased patient safety and convenient operation.

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Unlock the full potential of Oxygen-15 water with Hidex radiowater generator

  • Precise timing of images
  • Improved safety
  • Flexibility in operation

Oxygen-15 water

Hidex Radiowater Generator is an automated production system for Oxygen-15 labelled water (Radiowater) in PET blood flow studies. From the first installation in 2004 Turku PET Center, Hidex Radiowater has since made worldwide installations for both research and clinical routine application.

Hidex Radiowater generator is designed to ensure operation safety, convenient operation and the controlled production of Radiowater dose delivered at precise timing. RWG has demonstrated the capability to provide Radiowater doses to thousand of patients annually for routine cardiac perfusion study. Hidex Radiowater System is the proven system that can help you reach the full potential of Oxygen-15 water.

The Hidex Radiowater System uses Radiowater Cartridges consumables for Radiowater production. Radiowater cartridge is a closed and sealed dual membrane chamber for the infusion of NaCl with Oxygen-15 water vapour. The Radiowater Cartridge is Medical device certified and sterilized fitted with biofilters to meet GMP compliant and sterility requirement of radiopharmaceutical production.

Flexibility in integration and operation

Hidex Radiowater Generator supports various study protocols by offering different modes of infusion from bolus to longer continuos infusion.

Hidex Radiowater has been validated to work with all the major cyclotron providers and numerous cyclotron models. Radiowater system is compatible to deuteron and proton cyclotron production.Radiowater system site planning is project based approach to fit each customer's site condition. With years of experience, find out more about your Radiowater production site planning by contacting Hidex for an assessment.

Making imaging easy

Combined with the powerful Carimas Research software we provide you with a complete solution for radiowater data analysis. Carimas Research is an imaging data analysis tool for visualization, segmentation and modelling for most medical imaging modalities such as PET, CT and MRI.

Cardiac PET

Cardiac imaging using PET is a proven superior technology and Oxygen-15 water is the gold standard in myocardial perfusion studies.Hidex offers a full solution for the implementation of Radiowater Cardiac PET Perfusion study with Hidex Radiowater System for Radiowater Production and Carimas CE software for cardiac perfusion data analysis. Carimas CE is a software application that is intended to display blood flow in the left ventricle muscle of the heart by using dynamic PET images acquired with O15-H2O tracer. The blood flow information is used in adult patients and provides information that aids a clinical expert in making a diagnosis.

Carimas CE is the only Medical Device certified solution for use in the Radiowater Cardiac perfusion study for ischaemic heart disease.


Hidex radiowater system is available as an MRI compatible version. The PETMR compatible system is designed of paramagnetic material and without electronics interference. With installations across different PETMR scanner manufacturer, Hidex Radiowater PETMR system is the only solution for Radiowater system for your PETMR blood flow studies.

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    In May 2022, PET scanning took a leap to the next level in Turku Finland. In Turku PET Center a next generation PET/CT scanner allowing real-time imaging of the whole body (vertex to thigh), Siemens Quadra, was installed.

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