Hidex Sense Beta Plus

Multimode reader with radiometric detection

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus is a one of its kind exceptionally versatile and compact high performance microplate reader, combining all the technologies of the Hidex Sense multimode reader with the radioactive technologies of the Hidex Sense Beta. The Hidex Sense Beta Plus thus features all common non-radioactive detection technologies, high sensitivity luminescence, and in addition liquid scintillation, Beta, and Gamma counting.

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Hidex Sense Beta Plus

Multimode reader with radiometric detection

For every assay in the lab

  • Ready to use with minimal setup
  • Effortless operation with modern software user interface
  • Compatibility with stacker system to give high sample throughput.

Unique combination of reading technologies

Hidex Sense Beta Plus features all common non-radioactive detection modes and in addition radioactive scintillation assays:

  • Fluorescence intensity, FRET, Dual excitation

  • Absorbance spectral read

  • Filter luminescence, BRET

  • Time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET

  • Fluorescence polarization

  • AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® (Optional)

  • High sensitivity luminescence (separate detector)

  • Liquid scintillation, Beta, and Gamma counting

Uncompromised performance and sensitivity

Hidex Sense Beta Plus is a multiwell plate reader utilizing optical filters for fluorescence and luminescence technology, which is well known to provide the best possible sensitivity. An automatic filter storage with 32 filter positions used for either excitation or emission offers full wavelength coverage without need for manual filter handling. This makes the instrument ideal for a multi-user environment.

With true photon counting electronics for luminescence, time resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen for best possible sensitivity, the Hidex Sense Beta is officially certified for CisBio HTRF® TR-FRET, THUNDER™ TR-FRET, as well as Promega Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Assay System.

In addition, top and bottom reading, automatic focus adjustment, apertures, dichroic beam splitter selection and fibreless optics ensure that there are no compromises in sensitivity and performance.

For exceptionally demanding luminescence assays, the separate low noise detector gives extreme sensitivity. The automatic detector microplate touch control ensures optimal geometry with minimal cross-talk.

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus also supports all common scintillation assays and plates, such as cocktail based assays, filter plates, filtermats utilizing the Hidex Filtermat Adapter, Solid scintillators, e.g. LumaPlate®, FlashPlates®, MeltiLex® and Scintillation Proximity Assays.

Time resolved LSC functionality for background reduction, ensures optimal liquid scintillation assay results.

Ultrafast absorbance spectral readout

Absorbance spectral readout is obtained with a high sensitivity grating CCD spectrograph, scanning the complete sample spectrum from UV to IR in less than a second per well – or simultaneously up to 10 discrete wavelengths in one measurement.

Top-rated software usability

The touchscreen operated user interface allows immediate access to favorite assays. The top-rated software is independently tested according to the international System Usability Scale (SUS), scientifically proven to be intuitionally easy to use and require minimal user training.

The software includes the following calculation methods:

  • Results concentrations with a wide range of standard curve fitting methods

  • FRET, BRET ratio and Polarization calculations

  • Absorbance ratio and reference calculations

  • DNA concentrations

  • Michaelis-Menten kinetics

  • Replicate statistics

All results are stored real-time in the software database and can be exported to Excel at user demand or automatically. The comprehensive assay library ensures direct readiness for all labels and applications in your lab, today and in the future.

The user interface can also be operated in “office” mode for off-line data and assay template handling. Data management on several workstations is further supported with convenient data transfer functionality and free rights for an unlimited number of users.

Support for 21 CFR Part 11 requirements is available as an optional package.

Wide range of optional accessories

  • Integrated dispensers for fast kinetics, flash luminescence assays, or dual addition assays.

  • A digitally controlled high accuracy gas mixing system for cell viability, hypoxia, and other cellular assays.

  • Microplate stacker featuring capacity for up to 50 pcs of 96 well microplates and light protected magazines for light sensitive assays. Barcode reader enables plate identification and versatile mix of separate assays in the same batch.

  • Automation service with industrial standard dotNET interface offers easy integration with most robot systems available on the market.

(HTRF is a registered trademark of CisBio; THUNDER™ TR-FRET is a registered trademark of BioAuxilium; Dual-Luciferase is a registered trademark of Promega Corporation; Unifilter is a trademark of GE Healthcare; AlphaScreen, FlashPlates and MeltiLex are registered trademarks of Revvity; IsoPlate is a trademark of Revvity; MultiScreen is a registered trademark of Millipore)

Technical Specification

Liquid scintillation counting LSC mode beta and gamma emitters up to 2000 keV
Plate types 24, 96, 384 well plates
Counting efficiency 3 H 50% ±3%, 125I > 65%, 14C > 90%
(96 B/W Isoplate, 10µL organic sample + 190 µL MaxiLight cocktail)
Background < 80 CPM
Time resolved liquid scintillation < 20 CPM
Cross-talk < 0,05 %, for 3
H and 14C on PE white&black Isoplate™
Width/Height/Depth (cm) 20 / 28 / 49
Weight (kg) 13


Direct Luminescence < 6 amol ATP / 96 well (Glow)

Non-radioactive detection

Fluorometry Top/Bottom < 0.010 fmol /< 0.05 fmol /384 well
Photometry spectral range 220 nm – 1000 nm
Filter Luminescence < 20 amol ATP / 96 well (Glow)
Time Resolved Fluorescence < 0.25 amol Eu / 96 well
Fluorescence Polarization < 1 mP SD / 96 well plate
AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA (Optional) <100 amol P-Tyr-100 Insulin Receptor Tyrosine

Other features

Plate types 1 – 1536 well

Shaking Linear, Orbital, Double orbital, with adjustable intensity

Temperature Control Ambient + 2°C to 65°C

Optional features

  • Integrated dispensers 1 or 2 channel, real-time detection with well bottom read

  • Gas control: Digital two gas mixer, CO2 (0-20 %), O2 (1-20 %)

  • Alpha screen®: < 100 amol (P-Tyr-100 Insulin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase)

  • Plate stacker with 25 or 50 plate magazines

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