Hidex LSC cocktails

Scintillation cocktails for microplate readers

Cocktails for microplate readers

PlateScint cocktails for use in all commercial plate scintillation counters, such as the Hidex Sense.

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Cocktails suited for commercial plate counting devices

  • (PSHE) PlateScint HE (High Efficiency) scintillation cocktail is formulated to count low to medium volumes of dilute aqueous samples <20% with high counting efficiency.

  • (PSMax) PlateScint Max is the cocktail to use when high sample capacity is required.

  • (PSO) PlateScint O is the scintillation cocktail for organic samples and dry filter plates.

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Code Name Quantity
PSHE PlateScint HE 2 × 5 L
PSMax PlateScint Max 2 × 5 L
PSO PlateScint O 2 × 5 L

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