Hidex LSC cocktails

Scintillation cocktails for flow counters

Cocktails for flow counters

Hidex flow cocktails are designed to work with most commonly encountered eluents, including aqueous or organic gradients for flow applications such as flow scintillation analysis (FSA).

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Scintillation cocktails for Flow counting

  • (PFG+) ProFlow G+ is the NPE-free general purpose flow cocktail for most eluents

  • (PFP+) ProFlow P+ is the NPE-free ammonium phosphate accepting flow cocktail

  • (GF1) GoldFlow is the high capacity & high efficiency general purpose flow cocktail (contains NPE's)

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Code Name & brief description Quantity
PFG+ ProFlow G+     2 × 5 L
PfP+ ProFlow P+ 2 × 5 L
GF1 Gold Flow 2 × 5 L

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