Consumables for 600 OX Oxidizer.

Oxidizer Consumables

Consumables for Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer

Hidex provides a full range of consumables for use with the Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer. This includes sample preparation cocktails, ceramic boats, quartz ladle, among others.

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Complete range of consumables for the Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer.

  • Fully compatible consumables for Hidex sample preparation
  • Sample preparation spare parts

Consumables information

431-712 Quartz glass combustion tube 
431-721 Quartz ladle 
431-710 Ceramic sample boats, glazed
431-715 Catalyst A, copper oxide, 200 g 
431-716 Catalyst B, Pt/Ir net 80 x 40 mm 
431-780 OX test paper
431-735 Oxidizer Sample cup (combustible)
431-736 Sample cup tray 
431-733       Sample tray for 48 boats
462-8014 C-14 labelled glucose 
462-8003G H-3 labelled glucose 
461-071 600 OX Radiocarbon cocktail
461-073 600 OX Tritium cocktail 

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